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Our responsibility is not just for our customers, it’s for the environment globally as well. High quality, reliability and durability of our products are our way to protect the environment. Technological advances to the industries dealing with renewable energies have always been important to us.

More than 3000 projects in our history give us a strong foothold also in the future. We can rely on our experience when creating new innovations – our customers can rely on our expertise in the areas most are unfamiliar with.

Our successful deliveries to every corner of the world and our strong international presence by ourselves and through numerous partners serve to guarantee that our company is capable of operating reliably and efficiently today and in the future.

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Solid fuel and biomass handling


Wood handling





The commitment to the best possible operation of a power plant begins from the moment the fuel arrives to the plant. Raumaster delivers complete material handling systems as a turn-key delivery for the fuelyard and boiler. Raumaster has decades of experience of delivering larger and smaller systems for a range of different fuels and materials.

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Today in the wood processing industry, the commitment to the end product quality begins from the moment the wood arrives at the mill. Every stage of a modern wood handling process is optimized to produce homogenous, high-quality fiber raw material with minimum fiber loss, minimum energy consumption and minimum environmental impact.

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The mission of Raumaster Paper is to be your partner for all paper roll handling tasks in finishing, converting and printing. We have collected our extensive product know-how and unique application experience from winder deck to storage and shipping in a large number of projects worldwide.

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Raumaster Service offers full range of after sales services required for fuel and pulp material handling conveyor systems. Our services ensures high usability and reliable functionality through whole material handling system’s life cycle. With our centralized after sales functions we can offer professional and reliable service all over the world.

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