Additive and bed material feeding systems

Raumaster has a full product range to suit the specific needs of each project.

Complete conveying solutions are available for lime, sand, sulfur and other additives needed for efficient run of the boiler. 

Raumaster supplies full range of mechanical and pneumatical conveying systems for bed materials and additives. Efficient and reliable bed material handling system promotes better boiler operation. Coupled with Raumaster bed material screening and recycling equipment it also helps lower the operational costs. Whole feeding line can be accurately adjusted to guarantee exactly required material feeding rate in all operational situations.

Environmental aspects and tight emission controls among other things require a solution for feeding various additives to the boiler. We have a full product range to suit the specific needs of each project and have successful references of many demanding applications. Feeding system from start to finish is fully enclosed to ensure the tightness. 

Product range varies from the receiving stations to storaging silos to feeding systems that convey the material all the way to the boiler wall. Typical solutions are pneumatic feeders, mechanical screw conveyors, rotary feeders or chain conveyors, of course including the drop pipes, expansion joints and necessary valves. However Raumaster is known for being able to make tailor-made new solutions for even the most challenging cases.