Ash handling systems

We offer total ash handling systems for:

  • Bottom ash
  • Fly ash
  • Precipitator and filter ash

Total ash handling solutions include equipment for:

  • Cooling
  • Conveying
  • Pre-screening
  • Ferrous material removal
  • Screening
  • Storaging
  • Unloading wet and dry

The growing use of solid fuels is increasing the demand for equipment to handle boiler ash from any type of fuels burned. Raumaster has consistently made innovations in the development of ash handling products.


Raumaster has a full range of products required for cooling the boiler bottom ash. Water cooled screws and chain conveyors are high-duty constructions that are designed for conveying high temperature ashes and withstanding extreme conditions. In modern fluidized bed boilers the bottom ash is taken out and cooled in dry form. Submerged ash conveyors are still used for grate boilers.

Screening and recycling

Usage of modern fuels also means that new ideas are required in the field of ash handling.

To remove tramp iron and other large unburned particles from the ash Raumaster has developed a pre-screening system to make sure problems are prevented in advance.

Large quantities of ferrous materials in the ash call for a heavy-duty equipment to separate them from the ash flow. Raumaster magnet separator for boiler bottom ash is developed specifically for this purpose Raumaster rotating screen is effective and reliable equipment for screening bottom ash and our pneumatic transmitters are ideal for transporting the screened material back to the boiler. Compact design and high screening efficiency characterize best the Raumaster RRS rotating screen.


Every Raumaster ash silo is designed by dedicated and experienced designers. Manufacturing in trusted workshops and continuous quality surveillance guarantee that our silos are of the highest quality according to the latest industry standards. For cold environments it is possible to equip the silos with insulation, cladding and heating. Raumaster ash containers are a sight to be seen on many roads transporting the ash to their final resting place in road construction, concrete, mines and other uses. Containers are equipped with equalizing screw to achieve high filling rate.


Silo unloading equipment for fly ash and bottom ash are also Raumaster’s expertise. Special care has to be taken to avoid dusting problems of dry fly ash. Silo can be delivered with wet or dry unloading equipment – or both. Raumaster ash handling systems are total solutions for removal of fly ash and bottom ash. Raumaster supplies ash handling systems that are easily adapted for application below the furnace of any type of solid fuel power boilers.

Raumaster FAH humidifier turns fly ash unloading from dirty job into a fine and efficient operation. When unloading humidified ash, it is important to achieve good mixing ratio between ash and water. Adjustment is easy and satisfaction is guaranteed.