Conveyors for causticizing and lime kilns

Full product range available for conveying, crushing, feeding, storing and unloading Systems for wet lime sludge, dry lime, hot lime dust, hot burnt lime, make-up lime and limestone. 

Raumaster reference equipment for causticizing and lime kilns are found in numerous plants all over the world.

Lime has been heated since the early civilizations used it in building mortars and in agriculture. Nowadays the modern rotary lime kilns are only a part of highly advanced recaustizing plants where every phase of the process is carefully monitored. 

In a modern recaustizing plant it is important to handle every step of the cooking chemicals recovery process with special attention to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation. 

In order to operate properly the caustization system and lime kiln require sophisticated conveyor systems. 

Raumaster lime mud feed screw is widely considered as the most advanced and reliable kiln feeding equipment available.

To minimize environmental impact the waste materials need treatment before disposal. Raumaster conveyor design makes it possible to handle difficult waste materials such as lime slaker’s oversized grits and green liquour’s insoluble residue dregs without interruptions in plant operation.