Conveyors for recovery boilers

Raumaster’s product range consists of recovery boiler’s conveyors, crushers and rotary feeders for boiler bank and economizer hoppers. They are followed by collecting and transfer conveyors with possibility for dumping, and tanks for dissolving and mixing. 

Reliability and experience have paved the way for Raumaster to become the leading supplier of recovery boiler conveyors. 

When thinking about renewable energy, the recovery boilers are often forgotten. Recovery boiler generates lot of excess heat and electricity. Steady rise of the oil price and cost of emissions trading means there is grown interest in developing processes to reach even better efficiency in energy economics of the recovery boiler. The biggest modern recovery boilers are challenging CFB boilers for the title of largest biofuel fired steam generators.

The sturdy design together with superior experience makes our customers work together with us in every challenge, whether equipment is needed for a new boiler project, capacity increase, modernization or simply renewal of existing conveyor system. Need for chemical savings and removal of chlorides and potassium has generated new solutions for leaching the recovery boiler ash. Raumaster has experience in special design and materials needed for conveyor equipment in ash leaching process. 

Raumaster’s scope of supply typically includes also the electrostatic precipitator ash scrapers and conveyor system. Ash is often collected from the recovery boiler and ESP to common collecting conveyor. Even if the conveyors in separate areas are purchased by different customers, the conveying system can be designed so that spare parts are similar to optimize the end user’s spare part stock. Handling glauber salt in the kraft process of paper pulping requires knowledge in designing silo structures, as well as experience in design of the receiving and conveying system. It is important to know characteristics of the system in order to prevent all leakages to the environment.