Dust and concentrate handling in smelting plants

Raumaster has gained a lot of experience of smelting processes during past decades. Our references cover conveyors, elevators, crushers, feeders and valves.

Raumaster is an experienced supplier of equipment for feeding the concentrate to the dryer and recycling the dust downstream of the smelting furnace e.g. from

  • The WHB (Waste Heat Boiler) and
  • The ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator)

For minimizing the negative effects of corrosion caused by sulfuric acid condensation, we have given special attention to ensure tightness and insulation of the equipment. The tightness minimizes the formation of SO 3  and additional production of weak acid at the H2SO4 plant.

Raumaster is able to deliver conveyors integrated to customer equipment thus minimizing the amount of connections. Our references in the past decades for smelting and metallurgy processes include conveyors, elevators, crushers, feeders and valves and are designed keeping in mind the high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Raumaster turn-key delivery 

Design and product development

Raumaster design department is filled with enthusiastic, skilled and experienced designers. We use modern design and calculation softwares to work together with our customer’s designers in Plant Design Management System (PDMS). Design department is also working closely with technology department and equipment specialists to push continuously our innovative technology solutions forward. 


In addition to the modern workshops inside the Raumaster Group, we use highly experienced subcontractors specialized in manufacturing Raumaster products. Quality is monitored continuously by our quality department in every stage of the manufacturing process. 


Raumaster has capability and long experience in handling erection jobs from small single equipment upgrades to large fullscale erection projects. Experienced erection supervisor is working in co-operation with the Project Manager and Customer’s site staff. 

Electrification and automation

The material handling system supply typically needs a huge amount of switches, adjustments, sensors, panels, monitoring equipment and other signals. Even the most sophisticated system does not work correctly, if the electrification is not done in a proper way and automation is not working as it is supposed to. Raumaster can take care of the electrification and automation, which saves a lot of time and effort from customers. 

Start-up and commissioning

Raumaster start-up engineers are travelling around the world working in our projects, helping our customers fix all settings in the commissioning phase quickly and efficiently.