Fuel feeding systems

Raumaster fuel feeding systems provide a reliable, efficient and fully controlled material flow. Our systems are applicable to a wide range of fuels and are always custom made for each customer keeping in mind the requirements set by the fuel and capacity. Large capacity range is available due to a wide selection of equipment.

References of feeding systems for several boiler types, such as CFB, BFB, gasifiers and grate boilers.

Our deliveries cover all sizes from small industrial boilers to the largest boilers in the world.

We have experience of the most demanding fuels such as eucalyptus, TDF, sludge, REF, waste etc.

Fuel feeding technology is developing rapidly due to increasing demands set by modern fuels and boiler technology. The growing demands of the industry are the basis for all our product development. Our extensive experience from new biomass fuels around the world and our continuous effort to respond to the latest challenges mean better products for our customers, steady fuel flow to boiler and low emissions. Raumaster continues to be a frontrunner, when demands for fuel feeding equipment are changing rapidly.

Biomass feeding systems

Usage of biofuels is constantly increasing in the power industry sector, for environmental reasons among others. At the same time the concept of biofuel is extending from traditional wood fuels to increasingly challenging fuel types, such as agricultural byproducts and industrial residuals. Raumaster has striven to ensure reliable operation of all systems with modern biofuels keeping in mind that a modern material handling system must allow multifuel flexibility.

Waste feeding systems

Municipal solid waste and industrial waste are rapidly increasing sources of energy worldwide. These modern fuels have created a challenge for conventional solutions and Raumaster has responded strongly to this challenge developing actively new solutions for waste feeding to meet the high demands set by our customers. Recent innovations have been made especially to our waste feeder product lines, developing the best technology available to handle waste fuels.

From the boiler silos to the dosing and mixing systems for different fuels – our systems have been designed and manufactured to respond to challenges of modern boiler technology. Steady, reliable and homogenous material feeding to boiler contributes to good boiler operation.

Dust control plays an important role in our deliveries. We deliver dust-tight equipment and we have extensive know-how about ATEX, NFPA and other issues related to explosion prevention and isolation.

Coal feeding systems

Coal and coal products remain a key fuel also in the future. Long-term development and years of experience have helped Raumaster to develop a line of coal feeding products that have proven to be effective and reliable. Volumetric coal feeder with gravimetric function is Raumaster’s patented system that combines the advantages of volumetric feeding with the customer’s demand of fuel weighing, making our coal feeding system the most sophisticated on the market.

Feeding systems for gasifiers

Gasification is an example of a technology requiring new innovations and ideas for fuel feeding. Raumaster has been strongly involved in pioneering this field through research and testing, enabling us to have successful references of material handling systems for gasification plants.