Receiving systems

References of handling: wood chips, logging residues, bark, pellets, briquettes, peat, coal, recycled wood fuels, agricultural wastes & by-products, solid recovered fuels. Total solution systems including: chain reclaimers, step feeders, screw pockets, belt feeders. 

Raumaster fuelyard systems are a reliable and efficient method to achieve fully controlled material flow. Systems are applicable to a wide range of fuels and are always custom made for each project, keeping in mind the requirements set by the fuel properties and capacities. Large capacity range can be achieved due to a wide selection of equipment.

Raumaster systems are available for receiving fuels transported by different methods including trucks, trains and ships. Depending on the solution, mixing the fuels can be done immediately after receiving. Various alternatives are available to fit all needs. 

Raumaster crushing systems are able to handle untreated large particle size fuels. Crushers coupled with Raumaster receiving stations create an unbeatable and powerful combination that is custom made to the project’s requirements.