Screening and crushing

Raumaster screening equipment include disc screens, gyratory screens, rotary screens, vibratory screens and air classifiers. For metal separation we use magnets, metal detectors and eddy current separators. Our crushing and chipping systems can handle tree stumps, logs, recycled wood and other commercial and industrial residues.

Screening and secondary crushing play a large part in the fuel preparation for modern boilers. With different fuels there are always some impurities such as metals, stones and oversized particles. Raumaster supplies wide selection of screens and crushers to tackle this problem. Raumaster screening systems effectively handle all these impurities, which often cause disruptions in the process. 

Special attention has been paid to the equipment to ensure reliable operation still keeping the maintenance costs as low as possible – and the maintenance easy. Raumaster robust and heavy duty design ensures a reliable operation of the screening equipment. 

Our crushing is carried out either by slowly rotating shredders and crushers or cutting crushers with higher rotor speeds. Selection of the equipment is always done taking into account the fuel properties and quality requirements of the end product. Raumaster supplies the entire screening and crushing system that has been optimized for the demands of the fuels, taking care of safety and ease of operation.