Storages and reclaiming

Depending on the capacities and storage volumes required, a suitable solution for each project is selected from Raumaster storage and reclaiming product line – a solution perfected by our long experiece and continuous product development. 

The fuel can be stored either in open or closed storages. Generally the preference is to use closed storages and our most common systems include round silos or A-frame storages.

The storages work with the first in – first out principle. When needed the storage feeding line can be equipped with spreading equipment which make it possible to mix different qualities of fuel evenly throughout the storage building. 

Our screw reclaimer product range holds a solution for all solid fuels. Depending on the fuel properties we select carefully the screw materials to achieve the lowest possible wearing and to ensure long maintenance intervals. Our customers have valued quality and durability of our products so much that we have supplied several hundreds screw reclaimers to plants all over the world.