Chip receiving

Raumaster chip receiving systems provide a reliable and efficient system for fully controlled purchased chips flow. Systems are always custom made for each customer, keeping in mind the requirements set by the chip transport methods and the pulping process. Large capacity range is available due to a wide selection of equipment. 

Purchased chips form a significant share of fiber raw material supply at many mills. Purchased chips have to be carefully handled to maintain their valuable fiber properties.

Raumaster chip receiving systems are available for chips transported by different methods including trucks, trains and ships.

Chip trucks may be self-discharging or tipping  -  with side or back discharge. Various alternatives are available to fit all needs.

Depending on required capacity as well as volume and shape of receiving pocket Raumaster chip receiving systems can be equipped with heavy duty chain reclaimers, stoker reclaimers, traversing screw reclaimers or stationary feeder screws.

Typically our chip receiving systems also include a scalper screen for separating oversize particles and a metal separator. Sampling systems and chip classifiers  -  online or offline type  -   are available as options.

From the receiving system purchased chips are conveyed to a storage system with related conveyor lines and elevators.