Chip storage

Raumaster's Wood Handling product line comprises an extensive range of chip storage systems and equipment including silo systems, pile storage systems, stacker/reclaimer systems, belt stackers, shuttle belt conveyors, traversing screw reclaimers, rotating screw reclaimers and conveyor systems.

Chip storage is an essential component of the pulping process. The main purpose of chip storage is to act as an inventory buffer against uncertainties of weather or inconsistent wood delivery. A properly designed chip storage system provides routine chip turnover, which dilutes the effects of periodic chip problems. 

Typical solutions at modern mills are multi-silo systems with rotating screw reclaimers as well as open pile storage systems with shuttle belt conveyors and traversing screw reclaimers.

Advantages of a silo system are first in – first out principal as well as absence of climatic problems like wind separation, sunlight, snow and ice.

In pile storage systems the whole pile can be automatically reclaimed if it is equipped with side walls. An efficient homogenizing effect is achieved using several reclaimers simultaneously under one pile.

Our screw reclaimers represent the state-of-the-art technology in the field of chip handling. Raumaster's extensive experience in developing screw reclaimers has resulted in extremely reliable heavy-duty constructions. The effective reclaiming area of our screw reclaimers is superior compared with conventional reclaimers.

Our screw reclaimers can be equipped with patented control system which acts as a safeguard for the screw in overload situations and optimizes the travel speed or rotating speed of the reclaimer.

In automatic storage systems advanced control and process optimization systems developed by our automation department are used to ensure the flexible and efficient operation.