EPC projects

Raumaster can deliver complete EPC / turn-key projects including civil works, electrification and automation.

Civil works

All civil works including foundation works, concrete silos as well as complete house buildings with HVAC and fire extinguishing systems can be included in our delivery. 


Raumaster has capability and experience in handling erection jobs from small single equipment upgrades to large full-scale erection projects. Experienced erection supervisor is working in co-operation with the Project Manager and Customer's site staff.

Electrification and Automation

Nowadays a wood handling system supply typically needs a huge amount of switches, adjustments, sensors, panels, monitoring equipment and other signals. Even the most sophisticated system does not work correctly, if the electrification is not done in a proper way and automation is not working as it is supposed to. Raumaster can take care of the electrification and automation, which saves a lot of time and effort from the customer.

Start-up and commissioning

Raumaster start-up engineers are travelling around the world working in our projects, helping our customers fix all settings in the commissioning phase quickly and efficiently.