Wood room

Raumaster supplies full range of wood room equipment. Each Raumaster wood room is individually and flexibly designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. 

Special attention is paid to the equipment to ensure reliable operation still keeping the maintenance costs as low as possible – and the maintenance easy. Raumaster robust and heavy duty design ensures a reliable operation of the wood room equipment. 

Our log receiving, pre-treatment and infeed solutions include various types of receiving/infeed conveyors, deicing conveyors, receiving decks and slasher decks. The selection of the equipment is guided by climatic conditions, log properties as well as type of machines used for log loading.

Raumaster debarking drums are built to meet the capacity and debarking degree requirements of the mill with minimum wood loss. In rebuild projects our debarking drums can be designed to fit existing foundations to save erection time and cost. 

For debarking wood species like eucalyptus with hard, stringy bark Raumaster has developed the RotoMaster™ rotary debarker. The RotoMaster™ debarker is the ideal solution combining effective bark shredding and discharge with high debarking capacity and minimum wood loss. 

Raumaster chipper lines can be equipped with various types of washing stations, stone traps, separation rollers and metal detectors. Our chipper alternatives include horizontal feed and drop feed, back discharge and blowing discharge, single motor and multi-motor drive.

Complete bark handling systems including screening, shredding and pressing as well as all water handling systems needed in wood room can also be included in our deliveries. 

State-of-the-art control and process optimization systems with on-line measuring instruments are available as options.